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Love is a 2-way stream that must be felt on both ends of the lens. The ideal portrait is where passion meets perfection…

Addison J Weddings takes pride in the fact that our work is quality yet very reasonable.  We believe anybody can buy an expensive camera but it takes a unique eye to bring your vision to life. We offer all types of photography services and specialize in customized weddings. We pride ourselves in paying attention to detail. Allow a picture perfect, creative couple to share in creating the experience with you.
OCD Diva
When you are surrounded by an organized environment, you free yourself from chaos. You feel as though your life is more in control, and the day to day activities are much easier. Organization provides a sense of peace and calmness. When your mind is at ease, it allows you to think more clearly, not feel bombarded, and provides you with a higher level of productivity.

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can make all the difference.

If you have ever felt overwhelmed by muddle and generally surrounded by too many things, then a declutterer is what you need. It may be a particular room or that cupboard under the stairs, a heap of paperwork or your wardrobe with the proverbial ‘I don’t have anything to wear’.

Imagine having a good, efficient friend to take your hand and sort it all out. This is a real detox for the house leaving you feeling renewed and liberated to get on with your life.

It may just be a case of reconfiguring a room, re-styling, or changing furniture around. A fresh eye can totally transfer the whole look and feeling, both practically and emotionally.