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Love is a 2-way stream that must be felt on both ends of the lens. The ideal portrait is where passion meets perfection…

Addison J Weddings takes pride in the fact that our work is quality yet very reasonable.  We believe anybody can buy an expensive camera but it takes a unique eye to bring your vision to life. We offer all types of photography services and specialize in customized weddings. We pride ourselves in paying attention to detail. Allow a picture perfect, creative couple to share in creating the experience with you.
Tablescape by Hayden Pierre
Extraordinary Wedding and Event Planner

With every event or wedding we plan, we strive to make your vision a reality. A passion for the arts, paired with a natural eye for design, Hayden Pierre Events and Wedding Planning specializes in making your special moments one of a kind! We take care of every intricate detail to make your life stress free. Anyone can throw an event together but at Hayden Pierre anyone can throw an event together but at Hayden Pierre, we have a true understanding of what amazing looks like and our team takes our time to make sure no “i” is left  undotted and every “t” is crossed.